Top 10 Reasons to be Working with a Professional Greensboro DUI Attorney

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Greensboro DUI Lawyer Don’t risk your financial future on the gamble of going to court to deal with your DUI unprepared states Scott Smith from J. Scott Smith Law. This is a decision that could negatively impact you for years to come, something you can take care of with the help of a skilled local DUI attorney.

Here are the top 10 reasons to be working with a professional Greensboro DUI lawyer.

1. Your attorney is going to meet with the arresting officer and try to collect information on the equipment used in your arrest. If these devices have a history of faulty results, it may be used to have the case dismissed.

2. The DUI lawyer will uncover how experienced the police officer was using the equipment. If he did not calibrate it correctly, those results will not be used in your case.

3. There are many documents that need to be filed in order for the court to hear your case. Your DUI attorney will submit everything on time and make certain you are aware where you need to be at every step of the journey.

4. Your DUI attorney has a variety of expert witnesses that can be brought to the court to speak on your behalf or to represent how the equipment used was not able to provide accurate numbers the day of your arrest.

5. When the court date arrives, your attorney has the experience to put the officer on the stand and get them to explain why certain equipment was used and why others were not. The answers may help to lessen the charges or punishment you face.

6. Your attorney is going to present your case in a way that the judge will rule in the most favorable manner. If the punishment is too severe, your attorney will then plea bargain on your behalf to try and get your charges dropped to reckless driving instead, an offense with far less consequences long-term.

7. If there is no way to get the judge to lessen or dismiss the charges, your attorney will fight to get the court to provide you the ability to temporarily use your vehicle only in the case of going back and forth to work. That can help keep you earning so this one mistake does not cripple your financially for the rest of your life.

Working with your local DUI attorney will increase the chances of you getting the most favorable outcome so it doesn’t negatively impact you for the rest of your life.