Top 10 Reasons to be Working with a Professional Greensboro DUI Attorney

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Greensboro DUI Lawyer Don’t risk your financial future on the gamble of going to court to deal with your DUI unprepared states Scott Smith from J. Scott Smith Law. This is a decision that could negatively impact you for years to come, something you can take care of with the help of a skilled local DUI attorney.

Here are the top 10 reasons to be working with a professional Greensboro DUI lawyer.

1. Your attorney is going to meet with the arresting officer and try to collect information on the equipment used in your arrest. If these devices have a history of faulty results, it may be used to have the case dismissed.

2. The DUI lawyer will uncover how experienced the police officer was using the equipment. If he did not calibrate it correctly, those results will not be used in your case.

3. There are many documents that need to be filed in order for the court to hear your case. Your DUI attorney will submit everything on time and make certain you are aware where you need to be at every step of the journey.

4. Your DUI attorney has a variety of expert witnesses that can be brought to the court to speak on your behalf or to represent how the equipment used was not able to provide accurate numbers the day of your arrest.

5. When the court date arrives, your attorney has the experience to put the officer on the stand and get them to explain why certain equipment was used and why others were not. The answers may help to lessen the charges or punishment you face.

6. Your attorney is going to present your case in a way that the judge will rule in the most favorable manner. If the punishment is too severe, your attorney will then plea bargain on your behalf to try and get your charges dropped to reckless driving instead, an offense with far less consequences long-term.

7. If there is no way to get the judge to lessen or dismiss the charges, your attorney will fight to get the court to provide you the ability to temporarily use your vehicle only in the case of going back and forth to work. That can help keep you earning so this one mistake does not cripple your financially for the rest of your life.

Working with your local DUI attorney will increase the chances of you getting the most favorable outcome so it doesn’t negatively impact you for the rest of your life.

Finding the Most Efficient and Affordable Boat Insurance Policy

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Our friends over at are leaders in helping you find that perfect boat for sale but they also offered some advice to obtain the best possible insurance coverage for your new boat, consider taking the following steps.

Boat for SaleResearch a number of insurance companies, as well as a variety of policies on the internet. This will help you to determine which features you want written into your policy, and which ones you may not feel as strongly about. Never just put in minimal effort and go with the first one you find. Just like auto insurance, it certainly pays to shop around.

After investigating as many companies as you can, select 3 or 4 which offer the most extensive packages. Be certain that each company can meet or exceed your insurance needs by viewing their policy options. When selecting these companies also consider which ones have the most experience in dealing with the type of insurance you want. Boat owners must carefully consider picking insurance companies that specialize in everything boating, rather than having their hands in all different types of insurance too.

Get three quotes at a minimum. These can be obtained online, or by contacting a representative from each company, to explain what you want, and request a quote. Obtaining a quote does not obligate you to purchase the insurance. If you are not satisfied with the coverage offered, or the rates quoted, then you can simply say no thank you. Just remember that you can also speak with an agent and tell them you are shopping around and the lowest quote you have up to now. If they really want your business, they will match the premium coverage and try to get you in for less than the price you were quoted by other companies.

Never feel like you have to choose the very first boat insurance company or agent that you speak with. Before you purchase any policy, take the time to talk with a representative of the insurance company. Evaluate the service that representative provides. It will be important in the future, should you need to file a claim, that you feel confident that the representative will be attentive to you as a customer. If you are having trouble getting someone to talk to you or you are on hold for longer than normal, how do you think they’re going to treat you if you ever have to call them to file a claim?

Do your homework now while you still have leverage on your side. An hour of your time could save you hundreds in premiums.  Visit for more info:

How to Get a Real Estate Buyers Rebate

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Buying a new house can be a huge investment, it also is a way to save some serious money. While many programs offering cash back on home purchases have become popular, you might not even be aware how to get a real estate buyers rebate or new home rebates. Consider a few of these ways to save cash buying a home including negotiating with your realtor.

New Home RebatesGet money back if you are working with a local realtor who offers rebates. You could be entitled to a decent percentage back at the closing, but you have to talk with a realtor first because many do not offer these incentives without negotiation. If the realtor wants your business bad enough, they will deal. If not, find a realtor hungry enough to work with you.

Make sure you take advantage of all the tax benefits of buying a home. The government does offer cash back for first-time home buyers that closed a mortgage during the prior year. How much tax money that you will get back does depend on itemized deductions compared to your total standardized deductions. In most cases, you may be better off getting some financial advice from a professional account or calling H&R Block for some helpful advice concerning buying and getting tax benefits.

Getting cash back from your home seller is not out of the question either. If you’re buying the home before it gets to foreclosure, and paying cash rather than buying through a bank, you may be allowed to offer the quoted price for the house. At closing, you could take part of that money back as credit towards any repairs, however you’ll legally able to then report the full price on your taxes, which in turn increases your profits.

When it comes to learning how to get a real estate buyers rebate, don’t be afraid to go right to the source. The realtor will gladly explain how both of you benefit, and how much money you could expect to be banking depending on the size of the house in question. This is free money, you don’t have to qualify for it, you do not have to have your credit checked, all you have to do is make certain the realtor you work with is participating in the deal.

One of the side benefits to all this extra cash in your hands is that you can move up and buy a bigger home without needing that extra cash to deal. For more info on Real Estate Commission Rebates visit:


Keys to Selling Your Home and Maximizing Profits

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Selling your house is a very complicated process. If you make even a few mistakes, you might be unable to unload you house and get trapped in a sinking economy. There’s no need for this if you keep in mind the following helpful hints from Charleston Real Estate professionals at Premier One:

Charleston Real EstateMistake #1: Overpricing Your Home
You need to be realistic about the value of your house. Sellers should insist their realtors present them with objective criteria for pricing. Comparative information is most critical in getting a house priced properly. If you ask for too much, it’s hard to ask for less later on in the process.

Mistake #2: Not Displaying Curb Appeal
You don’t have to sink a ton of into redecorating your home. Ask your realtor about a few basic steps you must take to present your house in the most positive light.

Mistake #3: Overdoing Home Improvements
Don’t go overboard staging your home. It should feel warm and inviting. Grass should be freshly cut, plant some flowers, organize the home’s interior, rid the home of foul smells and apply new coats of paint to all walls and doors.

Mistake #4: Not Understanding The Buyer’s Offer
Carefully reviewing and understanding the offer or purchase contract is imperative. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Has the buyer agreed to put down a significant deposit?
  • Has the buyer asked for some credits to cover loan costs?
  • Is the offer contingent upon the owner selling his or her present home? If so, how is the selling process transpiring?

Mistake #5: No Home Inspection
Have general inspections done in advance. Even though buyers will often have the house inspected again, it’s better to prepare for problems before the buyer sees the house.

Mistake #6: Withholding Information
Don’t fail to mention the problems with the home, it is best to give buyers full disclosure. This kind of information can greatly affect the value or desirability of the property.

Mistake #7: Poor Realtor Communication
You should have already asked your realtor about a real estate commission. Don’t assume at closing you are entitled to anything. You must ask and sign papers before the real estate deal gets underway.

Mistake #8: Not Reading Closing Statements
Cautiously review the closing statement, including the loan balance, repairs and other expenses detailed there to avoid last-minute surprises or errors. Make sure you get an estimated statement a few weeks prior to closing and compare the final statement to the estimated one.

If you follow all these steps, you will go a long way towards avoiding being a victim in the home selling process.